Soroteca sells certified and FSC Teak wood.


Soroteca with sustainable brasilian teak wood at salone del mobile milaan

Twenty years ago, Soroteca planted its first teak trees in Brazil. Now the trees have matured and the moment of cutting them has arrived. This results in A-quality teak wood. The Dutch company presents itself for the first time at the Salone del Mobile, the international design fair in Milan. Here they will show design panelling and flooring among other applications of teak. All wood has been sustainably grown and carries the FSC label.

King of Wood

The Brazilian region of Mato Grosso offers the ideal conditions for teak. The ground is fertile and the climate optimal. Here Soroteca started in 2000 with its own plantations. This year marks the first cut and with that the highest quality teak wood becomes available. Teak is also called King of Wood because of its many applications and the virtual lack of alternatives. Nowadays natural forests rarely produce teak and export restrictions apply. That is why supply now mostly relies on plantations with sustainable production. Soroteca is a specialist in reforestation, works in a sustained cycle and takes responsibility for the social aspects.

From Plantation to Home

Teak offers endless possibilities. It can be applied in construction, shipbuilding, flooring, panelling and furniture, among others. Soroteca can directly serve the end user. Also, for architects and interior designers the company is a valuable partner in collaborations. Soroteca can, for example, deliver made to measure cut boards, milled panels, and terraces. Soroteca is linked to the renowned project developer Maasstede, who use wood by Soroteca in their own building projects.