Soroteca sells certified and FSC Teak wood.



There are only a limited number of areas in the world where you can plant teak trees to achieve the best quality.

How do we do it?

In the region where the forests of Soroteca are located, the climatic conditions and the soil conditions correspond to those in the areas where teak occurs naturally. Sustainable production of teak wood also includes giving back to nature and society. That is why, in addition to producing the highest quality teak through reforestation, the restoration of original nature and good care for the people who contribute to it is also a priority. How exactly do we do this?


Soroteca supports local communities with specific projects, for instance, supplying wood for schools and children's playgrounds.


By reforestation of (former) pasture lands, Soroteca brings back nature that was previously lost.


With strong demand for environmentally produced teak, the business case is profitable from an economic point of view.

There is nothing like teak

Teak wood is unique in its kind. The King of Wood is known worldwide for its aesthetic properties, strength and high market value. Teak owes this market value mainly to the wide applicability of the wood. From construction to shipbuilding and from furniture to floors or terraces, teak can do it all!

Land selection

Before planting can be started, a careful selection must be made from available lands. Not all soil is well suited for planting teak. The climate conditions also play an important role in the selection of lands and locations.

Selection of seedlings

When Soroteca first started to plant, the best seedlings were selected and produced from seeds collected from the best performing trees in the region. Nowadays we installed a new nursery to produce clones that will be used for replanting after finals cuts have been performed.

Quality over quantity

The first sanitary cuts are already possible after five years when Soroteca removes at least 40% of the young trees and sells or processes them in its own sawmill. The maintenance in the woods and on the trees is done carefully. The weeds and pests are regularly removed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. After at least twenty years of growth, we expect 25-meter-high trees that are completely ready for final cutting.

For people and the environment

Soroteca has now planted some 7 million teak trees "Tectona Grandis" and original vegetation on the 6,900 hectare plantations in the São José dos Quatro Marcos region, in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. Meanwhile, more than 3,200 hectares of this plantation have already been planted with teak trees!